Farrowing Crates

Premium Tube  / Finger Farrowing Crate

Stainless Steel Construction :

  • Front and rear doors
  • Crate bottoms
  • Connector panels
  • Divider Panels
  • Feeders

 Flooring Options:
(Price includes frame, hardware & flooring)

  • $440.28   Cast Iron / plastic sides
  • $475.69   Tenderfoot 
  • $301.05   3 gauge wire
  • $318.46   5/16" wire / plastic sides

1/17/13 Prices subject to change without notice

Plastic Pig Panels per Crate $102.53
Includes two 3' panels & one 7' panel

  • The sow area is easily adjustable from 17" to 24". This provides for maximum sow comfort, and maximum pig protection.
  • Base flats are made of 3/16" stainless steel, with 1-7/8" solid shaft welded to them.  The solid shaft is 8" long and is inserted into the round tubing of the end frame.
  • Front and rear doors will swing both ways, and can be completely removed.  They are made with 304 grade stainless steel attached to a frame made of 7/8" solid shaft material.
  • The finger design allows pigs to access both rows of teats with no siderail bar to obstruct them.
  • Sow feeders are constructed of 304 grade stainless steel with rounded bottoms and edges.  This allows for easy cleaning and prevents injury to the animals.
  • Rump guards are adjustable for maximum sow comfort and minimal pig crushing.
  • A combination of tenderfoot / filtereeze flooring will provide less abrasions to the sows underline, and will keep the pigs warm ad clean.
  • The Vittetoe crate sits on a standard 5' x 7' frame. (custom sizes are available)
  • The bottom rail of the crate is 17" high for maximum avoidance of crushed pigs.  The bottom of the fingers are rounded and recessed to insure no rough edges.  They extend out and are approximately 7" from the floor, to prevent a thin sow from sliding under them.
  • The connector & divider panels are constructed of 304 stainless steel, plastic.  They are designed to slide into stainless steel channels, so there are no bolts or sharp edges.  This allows for easy removal when thorough cleaning is necessary.

Premium Farrowing Crate with
Round Bottom Sow Feeder & Cup Water
(without flooring)

1/17/13 Prices subject to change without notice

Premium Farrowing Crate with
Big Bertha Feeder & Sow/Pig Nipples
(without flooring)

1/17/13 Prices subject to change without notice

Farrowing Crate Panels
Stainless steel creep panels Sow record card holder optional

Crate has three adjustments on each side to allow six different widths, from 17 to 24 inches

Sturdy solid shaft rear rump guard is also adjustable

Finger crate allows all pigs access to sow's teats.

Simple and economical drop rod latch system
allows easy access to sow. 


Econo Farrowing Crate

  • A Vittetoe quality product designed for today's hog market prices.

  • Solid shaft with stainless steel door panels and channels

  • Anti-crush flip up side bars

  • Anti-crush rump rod - two options available, mounted on rear door or suspended from top rail.  Rump guard pins up when loading sows.

  • Works great with stainless steel  Big Bertha feeder and stainless steel Sow/Pig combination nipple waterer

  • Trojan cast iron cup waterer also available

Econo Farrowing Crate with
Round Bottom Sow Feeder & Cup Water
 (without flooring)

Econo Farrowing Crate with
Big Bertha Feeder & Cup Water
 (without flooring)

02/20/2014  prices subject to change without notice



Farrowing Crate Feeders

Round Pan with
Sow Activated Feed Dispenser

  • Constructed of 304 stainless stee
  • Round bottom means no corners to waste feed
  • Available with or without nipple water Easily removed

Round Pan

  • Two sizes available
  • Complete with cup waterer
  • Manufactured with 304 stainless steel
  • Round bottom means no corners to catch and trap feed
  • Easier access for larger sows
  • Easily removed for better

"Big Bertha" Tipout

  • 16 gauge 304 stainless steel
  • Taller curved lip prevents feet dragging feed out and minimizes feed waste
  • Wide opening and solid sides eliminates sows from moving head side to side and wasting feed.
  • Used with nipple water
  • Econo Bertha Feeder has less of a front angle lip which prevents feed build up