Sprinklers and Accessories

Meterman Econo-Cool

Automatic Livestock & Poultry Cooling System

ECONO-COOL offers producers an economical way to keep livestock & poultry comfortable and profitable during periods of warm weather. Our cooling systems are designed, manufactured, and tested in the American Hog Belt. Meterman has been designing and manufacturing cooing systems since 1971! During this time Meter-Man has become a world leader in designing and manufacturing cooling systems.

The Meter Man Advantage

  • Controller and Thermostat in one unit
  • Do not need an electrician to install! "Like some of our competitors!"
  • Safe 12 volt operation
  • Remote mount solenoid in sealed case to protect from the environment
  • In field repair (can fix at home!)
  • Backed by more than 30 years of experience
  • Easy to program
  • Inexpensive to buy! Economical to own!

The Meterman Econo-Cool Automatic livestock and Poultry Cooling System has been designed to control the flow of water based on the time and temperature setting you choose. The Econo-Cool controller will automatically activate the solenoid valve and allow water to flow to the emitters when the air temperature is warmer than the temperature setting of the thermostat.

Once on, the Econo-Cool Controller will cycle on and off at preset intervals. The duration of these intervals is set independently on the other and can range from 1 to 55 minutes in length. The Econo-Cool controller will automatically shut off when the sir temperature drops below the temperature setting of the thermostat. Econo-Cool’s solid state controller is not bothered by voltage fluctuations . The time intervals or temperature settings are not lost due to power interruptions or failure


Econo-Cool Controller w/solenoid
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Meter-Man Solenoid - Only - 24 volt 1" with 3/4" FPT Not in Box - Inline-Solenoid for Meterman Systems
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120 volt solenoid only (normally closed 1" FPT)
In Line Solenoid
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Compression Tee Coupling
½" Compression x ½" Compression x ½" Compression. All fittings have compression joints. Used with flexible tubing.
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Compression Elbow
Compression fitting to make 90 degree turns. Used with flexible tubing
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Compression Coupling
Used to join two pieces of the ½" Flexible tubing
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Female Swivel Coupling
¾" female garden hose thread (FGHT) x ½" compression. Used with flexible tubing
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Male End Cap
¾" Male garden hose thread (MGHT) x ½" Compression. A screw on cap is included. Used at the end of flexible tubing.
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Goof Plugs
Solid Plug used to fill a hole in flexible tubing.
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Hole Punch
A tool used to make a small hole in the flexible tubing for installing the drippers, sprinklers, or misters. It is also used as a mister wrench
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Half-Inch Tubing
Flexible thin-wall tubing in 125 foot (38 meter) rolls.
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Check Valve
Attaches to water-outlet side of Controller. Prevents backflow of water through the Controller. (included with METECS500, METECS500R, METECS520, and METECS520R)
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Cable Wire Ties
Used to secure water lines
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Use with loop clamp (METUCS16)
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Loop Clamp
Used to secure water lines. Install with a screw (METUCS17)
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Mist Emitter
Emits a coarse mist of water in a 6 foot (1.8 meter) circle. Emits 5 gallons (19 liters) per hour. Used finishing pigs and dairy cows.
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Sprinkler Emitter – 360 Degrees
An adjustable, full circle sprinkler that will cover a 15 foot (4.5 meter) diameter circle at a height of 9 feet (2.7 meters). Emits approximately 12 gallons (45.5 liters) per hour. Used with finishing pigs and in poultry houses.
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Droplet Emitter
Used for sows in farrowing crates and gestation stalls. Emits 1.2 gallon (2 liters) per hour.
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Sprinkler Emitter – 180 Degrees
An adjustable, half circle sprinkler that will reach approximately 12 feet (3.7 meters) at a height of 9 feet (2.7 meters). Emits 10 to 12 gallons (38 liters to 45 liters) per hour. Used with finishing pigs and dairy cows
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1/2" MPT 360 Degree
Rotor Rain Sprinkler
Red Nozzle, 52 GPH @ 15 PSI,
34' Diameter
Commonly used in hog buildings
to soak down.
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1/2" MPT 360 Degree 
Rotor Rain Sprinkler
Green Nozzle.  20 GPH @ 15 PSI,
26' Diameter
Commonly used in Turkey Barns
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Eighth-Inch Tubing
(no Picture)
1/2" MPT x 6" long drop tube for sprinklers (sprinkler not included)
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Eighth-Inch Tubing
Flexible tubing available in 100 foot (30.5 meter) rolls. Used with drippers (METUCS04B) and to connect Sprinklers (METUCS23 to barbed check valves.
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