Heaters for Waters & Buckets

Water Tank De-Icer/Heaters
for metal & plastic tanks

Floating Tank De-Icer Heater
Safe for metal tanks only
Model 7521

  • 1500 Watts
  • Floats on top of water
  • Thermostatically controlled

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Floating Tank De-Icer Heater w/Guard
Safe for all tanks
Model 521G

  • 1500 Watts
  • Floats on top of water
  • Thermostatically controlled
  • Includes guard

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Sinking Tank DeIcer Heater
Safe for all tanks
Model 15N

  • 1500 Watts
  • Operates at the bottom of tank
  • Thermostatically controlled

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Drain Plug Tank De-Icer Heater
Safe for all tanks
Model 99DP

  • Fits water tanks with drain plugs
  • 1500 Watts
  • Thermostatically controlled: shuts off if water level it too low
  • Electric cord is not in water
  • Power cord separates to fit narrow openings

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Bucket Heater

  • 1000 watts
  • Will heat water to 180 degrees
  • Stainless steel guard
  • Designed to heat not De-Ice water

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Greenline Heatsock Nipple Waterer Pipe Heaters

  • 110 volt grounded plug
  • 1/2" standard pipe threads
  • can be made up to 20 ft
  • Rubber heater inserts directly into pipe to go below frost line

VITPIPEH3 3' Pipe Heater Ordering Information
VITPIPEH4 4' Pipe Heater Ordering Information
VITPIPEH5 5' Pipe Heater Ordering Information
VITPIPEH6 6' Pipe Heater Ordering Information

Farm Innovator Submersible De-Icer Heater

  • 250 or 500 Watt Donut Heater
  • 120 volt
  • Useable on plastic or rubber tubs
  • Automatic on/off thermostat built in
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Cable Line Heater - Not Submersible

  • Area heater, wraps around outside of pipe
  • Thermostat Controlled Cable Line Heater
  • 110 volt or 220 volt
  • Designed for Heat Well
  • Cannot be submerged in water

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Insulated Heat Tube

  • 14" x 30"
  • 2" Insulation
  • Keeps frost from under tanks & Mirafount waterers

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Trojan Hot Scot Space Heater

  • Non Submersible
  • 450 Watt, 120 volt
  • Adjustable Thermostat

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