Ray Dot Air Inlets
  • One piece single molded corrosion resistant material
  • Bi-Flo Inlet has two valves for dual directional air distribution, while Mono-Flo Inlet has one valve for one-way air distribution.
  • Quad Flo has four valves for 4-way directional air delivery.
  • Counter-weighted valve automatically closes when fan slows down.
  • Optional protective coating for inlet valve. (clad valve)
  • Insulated valve automatically opens as fan speed increases.
  • Hinged wall inlet door can be closed during cold winter periods or can be partially closed to direct air flow.
  • Optional fiberglass hood blocks wind.
1200 CFM
Ceiling Air Inlet
12-7/8" x 22 5/8" RAYBF-1200 Ordering Information
2300 CFM
Ceiling Air inlet
16 ½" x 33 ¾" RAYBF-2400 Ordering Information
600 CFM
Ceiling Air Inlet
6-1/8" x 22 5/8" RAYMF-600 Ordering Information
1200 CFM Quad Flo
Ceiling Air Inlet
22-1/2" x 22-1/2" RAYQF-1200 Ordering Information
Inlet Valve Only for BF 800 RAYZI2108 Ordering Information
Inlet Valve Only for BF 1200 RAYZI2112 Ordering Information

Double L
Top Jet Quad Ceiling Inlet

  • Top Jet TJ 4200 creates less draft and chilling.
  • All season, four directional inlet features counter balance
  • louvers that open from the TOP instead of bottom.
  • Directs air flow along the ceiling and holds air up longer while mixing with room air evenly.
  • Snap-together design! 11 lbs. each.
  • 1812 CFMS @ .125 static pressure / 622 CFMS @ .05 static pressure

Ordering Information

Double L
Jet 1501 Double Ceiling Air Inlet
  • Model JD1501 frame openings 21.5" x 18.5", 1300 CFM at .05 sp
  • Double inlet is recommended when recirculation is not necessary
  • A frictionless sytrofoam flap on a continuous PVC hinge swings down to access the main room to clean attic air.
  • Fully insulated to minimize condensation, dripping, or freezing.
  • Gravity or mechanical controlled

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Jet Double Ceiling Air Inlet, JD 1501, 1300 CFM EEZ90825 Ordering Information
Replacement Baffle for JD1501 Ceiling Air Inlet EEZ90825L Ordering Information
Rubber Stoppers for JD 1501 Ceiling Inlet EEZ90825R Ordering Information
Baffle Weight for JD1501 Ceiling Inlet EEZ90825W Ordering Information
Model JD 2600 Counterweight Ceiling Air Inlet, 2600 CFM EEZ90841 Ordering Information

Double L
C2200 4-Way Ceiling Air Inlet

Releases 20% More Air than C2000

  • Double L's C2200 Ceiling Air Inlet delivers considerably more cfm than the old C2000.
  • Compare the performance of the C2200 Ceiling Inlet with 2,089 cfm at .125 SP to the old C2000 Inlet with 1,650 cfm at .125 SP. The extra cfm per inlet allows the customer to use fewer inlets per room, resulting in extra savings.
  • C2200 Ceiling Inlet operates automatically off of negative pressure supplied by exhaust fan.
  • Counterbalance louvers adjust automatically to static pressure.
  • Each inlet can be shut off for better air control.

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Approx. 2,089 cfm @ .125 SP

Ordering Information

50% Faster Framing
with the Fast Frame

  • The Fast Frame consists of a plastic outside frame with a wooden inside frame that provides a clean, professional installation with no exposed lumber.
  • This frame accommodates the C2200, AC3010, GC1140, and TJ4200 inlets.
  • Overall Dimensions: 32" x 32"
  • Framed Opening: 22.5" x 22.5"


Ordering Information

Double L Jet Ventilation
Fresh Air Wall Inlets

JWI Wall Air Inlets Excel in Extreme Cold Conditions

  • The JWI-1200 and JWI-2400 Inlets open wide when plenty of air is needed, flow adjusts automatically to protect animals during cooler periods.
  • Insulated hinged cover can be closed tight in cold temperatures or adjusted to any degree for proper air distribution.
  • Counterweight allows for fine control

JWI-1200 Wall Air Inlet
Framed Opening: 14" x 22"
Approx. 1,000 cfm @ .05 SP

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Ordering Information

JWI-2400 Wall Air Inlet
Framed Opening: 14" x 45.5"
Approx. 2,400 cfm @ .05 SP

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Ordering Information

Schaefer Fresh Air Wall Inlets

  • Rugged Polyethylene Housing
  • Exclusive air deflector doors for adjusting both air direction and velocity
  • Adjustable damper door with stainless steel spring
  • Protected from wind with weather hood with bird screen
  • 2" mounting flange
Plastic Outside Wall Air Inlet
1000 CFM
11" tall x 22-1/8" wide
SCHWI-1000P Ordering Information
Plastic Outside Wall Air Inlet
2000 CFM
18-1/2" tall x 22-1/4"
SCHWI-2000P Ordering Information

PW Aire Air Intakes
PW Aire Air intake housings are built of lightweight, extremely durable poly-ethylene,
easy to clean, low maintenance products and will never succumb to corrosion

Features & Advantages:

  • Easy clean, low maintenance
  • Extremely durable foamed poly-ethylene (added R-value that fights condensation)
  • Corrosion free
  • Easy Fit & install
  • Maximize air flow
  • Low Profile
  • Pressure washable
  • Universal Twin Weight System
  • Durable sure lock ensures tight seal
  • Super Seal: Innovative Seals-rite system helps create a healthier enviroment by preventing leakage & cold air drops

Double Lid Air Intake (Actuated)

Challenger 1500 Air Inlet

Item # Model Rough Opening Directionial Air/CFM Function
Double Lid Air Intakes:
PWAAI1200D AI1200D 16.25 x 22.25 Double 1200 Actuated Ordering Information
PWAAI1200DW AI1200DW 18.5 x 21.5 Double 1500 Weighted Ordering Information
PWAAI2400D AI2400D 19.75 x 32.25 Double 2400 Actuated Ordering Information
PWAAI2600DW AI2600DW 24.5 x 28.5 Double 2600 Weighted Ordering Information

Osborne Auto-Max Wall & Ceiling Inlets
  • Auto-Max Inlets eliminate seasonal readjustment of weights and springs to keep incoming air speed constant.
  • Auto-Max Inlets are pre-calibrated and ready for installation.
  • Auto-Max 1000 CFM Wall Inlet constructed of all weather RTM-Glas fiberglass housing.
  • Auto-Max 1000 CFM Ceiling Inlet constructed of corrosion-resistant components.
  • Ceiling Inlets provide unobstructed 360º delivery of fresh air.

Auto-MAX Ceiling Inlets

  • Fully automatic baffle control operators
  • Unobstructed 360-degree radial airflow
  • Precalibrated and ready for installation
  • Corrosion-resistant components
  • Strong but lightweight housings
  • Frost-free structural foam for easy cleaning

Rough-in Dimensions:
20 1/4-in. x 20 1/4-in. or 17 1/4-in. diameter

Auto-Max Ceiling Inlet
1000 CFM

Auto-MAX Wall Inlets

  • Fully automatic air delivery system
  • Precalibrated and ready for installation
  • Unobstructed exit airflow openings
  • Corrosion-resistant components
  • Durable all-weather RTM-Glas™ fiberglass housings
  • Housing design offsets wind pressure and excludes exterior moisture and condensation

Rough in Dimensions:
12 3/4-in. High x 22 1/2-in. Wide, Overall length: 26 3/4-in

Auto-Max Wall Inlet
1000 CFM

Reliable Capacity at All Static Pressures — Even on Windy Days

Auto-MAX inlets always deliver their rated CFM capacity year-around both on still and windy days. Wind pressure effects on Auto-MAX are almost immeasurable because of the unique Auto-MAX design. University tests, using certified air testing methods, show that other leading air inlets rarely approach their rated capacity, even in still-air conditions and with continuous manual adjustment. With wind pressure or low winter-time static pressure, only Auto-MAX continues to perform totally automatically, according to its rating.

Real Full-Range Performance — Not Just A Rating
In university tests, the Auto-MAX inlet substantially outperformed all other inlets that were claimed to move comparable air volumes. Test data prove that the Auto-MAX inlet is the only inlet that automatically provides air velocities of 800-1000 FPM at all static pressures down to wintertime lows of .05 in.wg. This means that Auto-MAX inlets always provide exactly the right air volume and velocity throughout the year. Other inlets require seasonal and daily manual adjustment for minimum performance

Agri-Aide® Auto-MAX® Introduces
a New Standard for the Industry

Auto-MAX inlets totally eliminate seasonal readjustment of weights or springs. Factory calibration keeps incoming air speed nearly constant in the desired 800-1000 FPM range. This insures maximum ventilation efficiency and draft-free mixing of incoming air. No other inlet achieves this goal. Every Auto-MAX inlet becomes part of a balanced ventilation system. Auto-MAX inlets automatically stay balanced all year long. Every inlet admits the same volume of air for uniform air distribution. No frustrating trial-and-error balancing by “tweeking” counterweights or springs!

Plyco Ridge Vents & Louvers
  • Constructed of 29 or 26-gauge lock forming quality prepainted white and galvanized steel.
  • Optional damper for model PLYMWCRV904WS only
  • Painted white
  • 1/2” galvanized hardware cloth
  • Aluminum rivets
  • 9” throat

High Profile
Ridge Vent
13-1/4" H x 21 W x 4' L
9" Throat,
3000 CFM Air Intake
30# Weight
PLYMWCRV904WS Ordering Information
Low Profile
Ridge Vent
13-1/4"H x 21 W x 10' L
9" Throat,
7500 CFM Air Intake
78# Weight
PLYMWCRV910 Ordering Information
High Profile
Ridge Vent
5-3/4" H x 9" W x 4' L
3-1/2" Throat,
1000 CFM Air Intake,
13# Weight
PLYMW40035 Ordering Information
Low Profile
Ridge Vent
5-3/4" H x 9" W x 10' L
3-1/2" Throat
2500 CFM Air Intake
32# Weight
PLYMW10035 Ordering Information
  • All steel construction pre-painted white
  • 1/2” hardware cloth screen
  • 1-1/2” nailing flange
  • Flush on back side to allow any location on building without framed opening
  • Louver blades provide full overlap

24" H X 18" W Louver 3000 CFM , 9 # Weight


Ordering Information
24" H X 24" W Louver 4000 CFM, 12# Weight PLYMWE-WL2424 Ordering Information
30" H X 24" W Louver 5000 CFM, 15# Weight PLYMWE-WL2430 Ordering Information
30" H X 30" W Louver 6250 CFM, 20# Weight PLYMWE-WL3030 Ordering Information

Osborne Agri-Aide Roof Cupola

  • Available in metal or fiberglass (2 piece)
  • Functions as both fresh air inlet and natural ventilation outlet.
  • Designed to resist entry of snow and wind-blown rain
  • Constructed of durable RTM-Glas fiberglass to stand up to extreme temperatures and corrosive gases.
  • 4’ Long, 3000 CFM, 40 lbs.
  • Optional Damper


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We still stock Del-air parts in inventory that are still available.

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