Plyco 10' Low Profile Ridge Ventilator

Part Number: PLYMW10035

Mfr: MW100-35

Item: Plyco 10' Low Profile Ridge Ventilator

Price: $200.00

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Additional Information

MW100-35 Low profile (4.5" above roof peak) 10 foot vent with open top for additional air flow (36 square inches per lineal foot). 3 1/2" throat with a 2" flange and 13" overall width.

The 3 1/2" throat ventilator is designed for large attic ventilation or entire building ventilation such as in horse, cattle, or poultry buildings. This vent provides 36 square inches of free area per lineal foot for ventilation.

2500 CFM 

  • Standard 29 gauge galvanized painted steel for strong, long life{All PLYCO ridge vents are G-90 Galvanized
  • The MW100-35 comes standard with a 2" nailing flange which equals a 13" overall coverage to fit more building applications
  • Hemmed edges are standard for easier, safer handling and to guard against rust.
  • Flashings are packaged with each vent for single or continuous installations which saves forgotten parts or extra cost.




  • Constructed of 29 or 26-gauge lock forming quality prepainted white and galvanized steel.
  • Painted white
  • 1/2" galvanized hardware cloth
  • Aluminum rivets
  • 3-1/2” throat
  • Low Profile Ridge Vent
  • 5 -3/4 height x 9 width x 10' length
  • 2500 CFM,
  • 32# Weight