Val-Co Ray Dot 2400 CFM Ceiling Air Inlet

Part Number: RAYBF-2400

Mfr: I310

Item: Val-Co Ray Dot 2400 CFM Ceiling Air Inlet

Price: $317.76

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Additional Information

2400 CFM Ceiling Air inlet

  • Rough Opening:  16 ½" x 33 ¾"
  • One piece single molded corrosion resistant material
  • Bi-Flo Inlet has two valves for dual directional air distribution, while Mono-Flo Inlet has one valve for one-way air distribution.
  • Counter-weighted valve automatically closes when fan slows down.
  • Optional protective coating for inlet valve. (clad valve)
  • Insulated valve automatically opens as fan speed increases.
  • Hinged wall inlet door can be closed during cold winter periods or can be partially closed to direct air flow.
  • Optional fiberglass hood blocks wind.