6' X 46.75" Hard Plastic Slat Mat Saver

Part Number: VITMAT6

Item: 6' X 46.75" Hard Plastic Slat Mat Saver

Price: $98.00

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Additional Information

Slat Shield Mats

  • High density plastic mat placed under the feeder to protect new slats and to prevent corrosion on older slats.
  • Mat is beveled to lay flat on slats and grooved to drain caustic liquids
  • Mat resists abrasion and is imprint
  • Eliminate concrete pads that don't last
  • All mats are 1/2" thick by 4' wide, you can get the sheet 4' to 12' long. Made of 100% recycled HDPE
  • 56 lbs

 Note: Each mat needs 4 Dura Lock Anchor Bolts Sold Separately VITBOLTTS