Dosatron DM11F Diaphragm Medicator Injector - 11 Gallon

Part Number: DOSLD11F

Mfr: Dosatron DM11F

Item: Dosatron DM11F Diaphragm Medicator Injector - 11 Gallon

Price: $245.00

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  • Accurately medicate your hogs and other animals at any age! Keeping your animals healthy and free from disease is vitally important to your agricultural business. Thats why livestock growers and integrators have been turning to Dosatron for trusted experience. Dosatron medicators are the most reliable, easiest way to medicate your livestock drinking water accurately and with minimal maintenance.
  • Dosatron medicators accurately inject: Antibiotics and vitamins , Electrolytes , Chlorine , Hydrogen peroxide , Vinegar and iodine , Line cleaners , Nutritional supplements.
  • Dosatron DM11F 11 Gallon Medicator
  • Pipe Size 3/4 NPT
  • Diaphragm technology - able to handle poor water quality.
  • Flow up to 11 GPM - High flow for growing animals/larger houses
  • Larger Capacity - Less strain on motor parts, longer life
  • No metal parts - Restraint to most