Horizontal Wean to Finish Gates

Part Number: WEB-GATEH

Item: Horizontal Wean to Finish Gates

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Additional Information

  • 7-1/2" solid shaft horizontal rods make this an extremely durable isowean gate.
  • 7/8" solid shaft on bottom rod for extra durability.
  • Standard height is 34" tall, mounted 2" off the floor equals 36" tall.  (44"  tall gate optional)
  • Economical design has pads and posts mount directly to the gates. No need to pay for separate corner posts.
  • Top of each gate is constructed of 3/16" - 1-1/2" angle iron.
  • Flat vertical upright bars on end of gate are made of 3/8" x 2" flat iron.
  • Flat vertical bars in center of gate are made of 1/4" x 1-1/2" flat iron.
  • Optional post options.  Also available for vertical gating.
  • Optional stainles steel pad or stainless steel pad with steel post.
  • Easy open quick latches


Standard alley gate

Optional back divider gate which swings to lock pig in the front of the pen

Universal replacement post available in stainless steel or steel
(replaces most competitor's posts)

Universal Replacement Post - Stainless Steel

Universal Replacment Post - Steel

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Alley Post in Steel and Stainless Steel


Stainless Replacement Bottom
For T-Post

Stainless Replacement Bottom with Big Pad & 2 Holes



Easy Open Quick Latches
Simple latch system on both horizontal and vertical gating


Quick latch systems may be operated with one hand and require no drop rods.


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Stainless Steel Wean to Finish Gates

  • 3/4" bottom rod & next (four) 1/2" nottom rods 1/4" x 2" vertical uprights - Stainless Steel
  • 3/16" x 2" top angle & top three 1/2"  horizontal rods - mild steel

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