DL4727 Double Actuated Ceiling Inlet, 4700 CFM

Part Number: EEZ90301

Mfr: 90301

Item: DL4727 Double Actuated Ceiling Inlet, 4700 CFM

Price: $248.40

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DL3127 and DL4727 Insulated Actuated Air Inlets are great for minimum to maximum ventilation when you need precise control of air movement. Each curved blade directs air along the ceiling for proper air mixing and minimizes condensation as well as inlet freeze-up. Housing blades are constructed of virgin PVC for durability to withstand power-washing, yet also fully insulated to minimize condensation. PVC insulated filled lids have no exposed insulation.

When inlet is in the shut-off position, it has been proven to seal up better for reduced fuel usage and have minimal leakage compared to the competition in the industry. All mounting hardware is included and comes pre-installed on the inlets for ease of installation into the ceiling.



  • Approx. 4750 cfm @ 0.10 SP
  • Ship Weight: 18 lbs
  • Framed Opening: 44" x 24.75"

Insulated Housing, Lids and Endcaps