Pig Mats & Heat Mats

Rubber Pig Mats

37" x 47" Hot Nursery Mat with Handles

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48" X 72"
Rubber Wean to Finish Mat

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2' x 4' Rubber Pig Mat
w/Rib Around Outside
24"X 48"

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26" x 26" Rubber Pig
Feedsaver Mat w/1/2" Lip

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High Molecule Weight Polyethylene Wean to Finish Pig Mat with 1-1/4" Feed Saver Lip and Handles

4' x 6' Formed Plastic Mat w/Lip Ribbed
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Slat Shield Mats

  • High density plastic mat placed under the feeder to protect new slats and to prevent corrosion on older slats.
  • Mat is beveled to lay flat on slats and grooved to drain caustic liquids
  • Mat resists abrasion and is imprinted for traction
  • Eliminate concrete pads that don't last
  • All mats are 1/2? thick by 4' wide, you can get the sheet 4' to 12' long. Made of 100% recycled HDPE
46-3/4" x 4' Mat, 37 lbs
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46-3/4" x 5' Mat, 50 lbs
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46-3/4" x 6' Mat, 56 lbs
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Dura Slat Lock for Mat
(4 required per mat) VITBOLTTS
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Osborne Heat Pad

Osborne’s Stanfield heat pads are designed to provide supplemental heat to newly born piglets and growing nursery pigs. The very first heat pad to be used in pork production, our pads provide a warm laying area for the animals to rest, keeping them away from the sows and preventing crush losses. The pads surface temperature stays uniformly warm, about 30-35° F (16-20° C) above air temperature. The heat pad’s tough fiberglass-reinforced composite material blocks drafts coming from the pit, is easy to clean, and gives animals solid footing.

Listed under CSA guidelines, our heat pads are safe to operate. At maximum power, an S1B4 heat pad uses 66% less power than a heat lamp*. Power consumption is even lower with the use of one of our heat pad controllers.

  • Keep piglets away from sow to reduce crush losses
  • Increase gain and weaning weights
  • Decrease energy costs
  • Resting surface remains constant and uniform, about 90-100° F (32-38° C)
  • Safe and durable – wire pattern with composite plastic poured over and around the wire
  • Made with fire retardant material

Osborne 2’ x 4’ - Single Cord
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Cord Protector
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Kane Heat Mats & Pet Heat Mats
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  • Poly Pet Heat Mat provide the optimal climate for your animals with Kane's heat mats.
  • Made of durable, easy to clean polyethylene, Kane mats provide a safe and consistent heating surface.
  • Perfect for outdoor pens, kennels, garages, dog houses, whelping areas, veterinary clinics, and reptile habitats.
  • Warning: heat radiating appliance for animals - always use a temperature control device
  • Kane Rheostat or Thermostat Recommended

Kane 2' x 4' Single Cord

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Kane 13 1/2" x 48" Single Cord

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Kane 13 1/2" x 36" Single Cord

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Kane 13 1/2" x 60" Single Cord

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Kane Pet Heat Mat
18" x 18"

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Kane Pet Heat Mat
18" x 28"

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Kane Rheostat 300 Watt

  • Heat Mat Rheostat - 110 volt
  • 300 Watt
  • Dial-A-Temp plugs right into your outlet to provide a quick and easy way to regulate temperature. Perfect for kennels, garages and whelping areas.
  • Just plug your heat mat into the bottom of the control and create a warm, dry environment for your small animals.

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