Scraper System

We will design a scraper or flush system to fit your needs.

  • Single or double pulleys
  • Stainless steel and heavy duty polypropylene scraper blades available
  • Multiple blades from one power unit
  • Blades roll up on runners when reversed
  • Steel or stainless steel brackets
  • Heavy duty power unit with 1 hp motor
  • Forward and reverse switch
  • Wall or floor mount

Scraper Components
Drive Unit Complete for Scraper System
(Reversing Switch not included)
VHGSBPOW Ordering Information
1/4" Stainless Steel Cable for scraper system (per foot) VHGSBCSS14 Ordering Information
Complete Single Pulley with stainless steel bracket VHGSBSSSBRK Ordering Information
Complete Double Pulley with stainless steel bracket 90 ΒΊ VHGSBSSDBRK90 Ordering Information
Plastic Watertight Rev Switch VHGSBPOWREVS Ordering Information
Pulley Wheel Only VHGSBPULL Ordering Information
Stainless Axle Bolt with Locknut VHGSBAXBOLT Ordering Information
Axle Bushing for scraper system VHGSBAXBUSH Ordering Information
Scraper Blades
  • Sample Lengths
  • Call us for different lengths
  • Can not be shipped UPS
3/16" stainless steel blade 7’
(with stainless steel cable clamps)
VHGSBSS7 Ordering Information
3/16" stainless steel blade 8’
(with stainless steel cable clamps)
VHGSBSS8 Ordering Information
3/16" stainless steel blade 10’
(with stainless steel cable clamps)
VHGSBSS10 Ordering Information

Pit Plugs

Versatile / Cost Effective / Can plug almost any type of opening

4" Adjustable Black Hand-Tite Pit Plug - VITPLUG4A
Ordering Information
6" Adjustable Black Hand-Tite Pit Plug - VITPLUG6A
8" Adjustable Black Hand-Tite Pit Plug - VITPLUG8A
Ordering Information
3' PVC Handle for Adjustable Hand-Tite Plugs
Ordering Infomation
Non-Adjustable Plastic Plugs

6" Coned Plastic Plug 4.375" to 6.375" - VITPLUG6
Ordering Information

8" Coned Plastic Plug 6.375" to 8.375" - VITPLUG8
10" Cone Plastic Plug 8.375" to 10.375" - VITPLUG10
Ordering Information
Stainless 2' Handle for Non-Adjustable Plugs
Ordering Information

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