Meridian Bulk Seed Tenders & Feed Bins

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Bulk Seed Tenders:

Meridian's seed tenders are designed to help you handle seed safer and easier while reducing your loading times so you can spend more hours each day planting. Meridian Manufacturing offers the largest selection of seed tenders in the industry to accommodate your farming operation. .

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Meridian Feed Bins:

Meridian's smooth-wall Feed bins are designed with feed quality and management in mind. The advantage of smooth-wall is especially evident when storing bulk feed. Smooth cone and side wall surfaces, without bolts or ribs, a steep bottom cone of 55° or 60°, as well as our exclusive high slip factor powder coating, ensures no feed hang ups and entrapments, thus reducing spoilage and unnecessary expenses. A Meridian Feed Bin is your best choice to ensure feed quality and feed management

Standard Features:

  • All welded, smooth-wall construction
  • HSS (Hollow structural steel) legs and bracing
  • Meridian's Premium Rack-n-Pinion slide gate with crank
  • Complete sidewall and roof ladder
  • 25" top opening
  • 27" vented top lid – Spring loaded and ground operated
  • 55° and 60° bottom cone depending on model
  • 35 degree roof cone
  • Minimum 24" clearance under the slide gate


  • Bottom Manway
  • Roof Manhole
  • Bin Level Indicators
  • Pail Spout
  • Auger Boots and Auger Mounting Tabs
  • Ladder cage and Handrails
  • Steel Base

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