FarrPro Haven Baby Pig Brooder Heater

FarrPro Haven Baby Pig Brooder Heater - 48” x 27” (covers two creeps)

The FarrPro Haven is the perfect microclimate for newborn pigs (for ANY newborn animal really)! Scientifically proven to reduce lay on mortality by over 30% and cut energy use by 50% over heat lamps, the Haven utilizes highly efficient infrared energy to deliver even heat to your pigs keeping them warm and safely away from the sow when not feeding. Whether standing, sitting or lying down your pigs will be kept at their optimal internal temperature under the Haven unit.  If you want to lower mortality and crush incidents, improve sustainability on your farm, and increase profits you should be using the FarrPro Haven! ONE show pig saved could easily return your investment!



  • Micro-controller manages heat energy output to keep piglets within optimal thermal zone for growth and comfort
  • Delivers over 4 cubic feet per creep of even, consistent heat energy to the pigs whether standing, sitting or lying under the unit
  • Unique design virtually eliminates draft
  • Easy to clean, power washer safe, durable, portable
  • 110V with 10’ cord
  • Unit uses infrared technology. No light filament that can “burn out”
  • 5 year life expectancy on unit
  • Can be used in conjunction with straw or comfort mats/blankets


  • Dimensions: 52”L x 27”W x 15”H
  • Weight: 24 lbs
  • Wattage: 350 Watts (max output)
  • Power: 110V



Pre-wean mortality is a huge problem within the swine industry, resulting in hundreds of millions in lost revenue every year.  Two of the primary causes of pre-wean mortality among viable, live born pigs are chill and crushing.  Studies have proven that pigs suffering from chill put themselves in danger by seeking warmth from the sow's udder, often resulting in them being laid on, rolled on or stepped on.  Old technology such as heat lamps, have been used for over 70 years and are highly inefficient as less than 20% of heat emitted is usable by the piglets.

So, if reducing chill in pigs decreases pre-wean mortality, why do producers continue to use old, inefficient and marginally effective technology to warm them?   


At FarrPro, we found a better way. The FarrPro HAVEN warms newborn pigs and ultimately helps to prevent them from being crushed.  We created a semi-enclosed microclimate that delivers pigs the perfect amount of heat safely away from "crush danger" areas in a unit that is user friendly, easy to clean, highly durable and portable.  In fact, the HAVEN is all of that and more! 

FarrPro's Haven scientifically proven to reduce pre-wean mortality and energy use.

Piglets piling under a heat lamp where only those near the center receive adequate heat energy to stay warm. Those without adequate heat either burn fat or lay near sow udder which poses crush risk. Nearly 80% of the heat energy emitted from the lamp is wasted and cast off into the room.


Piglets above are receiving ample, evenly distributed heat energy within the Haven microclimate. With over 4 cubic feet of draft free microclimate, the Haven reduces piling and keeps them safely away from the crush zone.



FarrPro Haven proven to reduce pre-wean mortality by 20% and reduce energy use by 59% in a recently published peer-reviewed pilot-scale study conducted by Iowa State University.


The HAVEN is made up of an elongated parabolic reflector and a heat element that emits long wave infrared energy.  It's unique design utilities the partition wall between farrowing crates, providing semi-enclosed microclimates for two neighboring creeps that are safely away from crush danger areas. 

The HAVEN delivers heat energy which feels like sunshine, and penetrates into the pigs bodies, warming them thoroughly.  This type of heat transfer is not only highly efficient, it also promotes healthy creep behavior (little or no piling) and early weight gain.  What's more, it keeps heat from spilling onto the sow, keeping her cool and stress free which promotes healthy milk production and overall comfort. 




Dimensions: 52"L X 27"W X 15"H
Weight: 24 LBS
Wattage: 350 Watts (max output)
Power: 110V






Born without temperature regulation abilities, piglets rely on their mother's milk to keep warm.  While piglets need an environment of 90-95 degrees, farrowing facilities keep ambient room temperatures at approximately 75 degrees.  To accommodate these differences, farmers provide piglets with artificial sources of heat which are often inefficient, can increase lay-on mortality rates and cause devastating barn fires. 


The $30 B Hog Industry's solution to this problem is the heat lamp; a lightbulb that transmits heat instead of light.  This method heats piglets unevenly, creating large areas of too much and too little heat.  In addition, these lamps create significant waste heat that can also negatively affect sow health.

Although they are relatively inexpensive, hog producers pay the price when it comes to wasted heat, sow health, and piglet mortality. Hog producers need a modern solution.


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