Trojan Spiglet 97 Water Nipple

Part Number: TRJS17151

Item: Trojan Spiglet 97 Water Nipple

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"Simply the Best"  . . . Designed especially for small pigs. Use in farrowing stalls, creeps and nurseries. Body and trigger are built of corrosion resistant 304 stainless steel. Slotted filter to keep foreign matter out of valve. Can be used with pressure or gravity systems.

  • Long Lasting 400 Stainless Steel body and trigger
  • Adjustable to three water flow rates
  • Screen filter keeps foreign matter out of valve
  • Built in playquard protects trigger action
  • For use in farrowing Stalls, creeps and nurseries
  • Rounded trigger
  • Easy for baby pigs to activate trigger
  • Outstanding for baby pigs
  • 5/8" Bite on Water Supply Trigger