Round Bottom Sow Feeder With Rod & Pin

Part Number: VHGFCFRB

Item: Round Bottom Sow Feeder With Rod & Pin

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Additional Information

Round Pan Sow Feeder with Rod & Pin (pictured with optional door & cast iron cup water)

  • Can be used with cup waterer
  • Manufactured with 304 stainless steel
  • Round bottom means no corners to catch and trap feed
  • Easier access for larger sows
  • Easily removed for better cleaning with horizontal rod
  • Weld spools on existing crate to fit door
    (4 needed per crate)
  • Door Dimensions:  33-1/4" tall x 20-3/4" wide
    22" wide center of spool to center of spool
    22-3/4" wide outside spool to outside of spool
    Feeder opening 13" wide x 12" tall (purchase separately)
  • Feeder Dimensions (Round Bottom Sow Feeder)
    11-3/8" x 17" long
    10" tall by door
    8-1/2" tall from front lip and floor
    11" long inside of crate
    5" long outide of crate