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Kennel -Tuff Flooring
Non-porous surface with square openings 1.1”x1.1” provide a clean comfortable floor that keeps animals healthy and happy. Withstands high-pressure washing and disinfectants.

Kennel-Tuff is made out of high-impact polypropylene plastic providing superior impact & wear resistance. Will not rust, rot, or corrode. U.V. additive provides excellent U.V. resistance.  (Natural/Ivory not recommended for outdoor use)

Smooth surface reduces pad problems and inhibits the growth of bacteria. Independent test show that Kennel-Tuff can handle 630 lbs of pressure before the screw heads popped off. The flooring did not crack.

Flooring does not overlap on the 2’ sides. Interlocks on the 4’ sides for easy installation and superior strength. 1/1”x1.1” square openings. Supports required every 2’.

Flooring overlaps on the 2’ sides utilizing a single support member. Interlocks on the 4’ sides for easy installation and superior strength. 1.1”x1.1” square openings. Supports required every 2’.

Pictured:  24" x 48" Non-Overlap Flooring

24" x 49-1/2"  Overlap Flooring

  • 7/8" thick
  • 1.1" x 1.1" square openings
  • Wt   6.52 lbs
  • Available in Black or Natural/Ivory
  • Natural/Ivory not recommended for outdoor use 


48" Black Overlap Flooring
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48" Natural/Ivory Overlap Flooring
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24" x 48" Non-Overlap Flooring (6.32 lbs)
 24" x 60" Non-Overlap Flooring (7.52 lbs)

  • 7/8" thick
  • 1.1" x 1.1" square openings
  • Available in Black or Natural/Ivory
  • Natural/Ivory not recommended for outdoor use
  • 48" & 60" DO NOT Interlock together

48" Black Non-Overlap Flooring
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48" Natural/Ivory Non-Overlap Flooring
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60" Black Non-Overlap Flooring
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60" Natural/Ivory Non-Overlap Flooring
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Kennel Eeze Flooring

  • Superior Durability
  • 2'x4' slat withstands high pressure washings and disinfectants.
  • Rugged Thermo Plastic
  • *Protects Against Moisture 
  • Overlaps on ends - Interlocks on sides
  • Size 23-5/16"x49-1/8"x 1/2" 7/8"x 7/8" openings
  • 8.2 lbs

Kennel Eeze Flooring
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LilFount Pet Waterer

LilFount models are designed for small animals and multiple purposes.
This model delivers cool, clean water AUTOMATICALLY for many years.

Lilfount 1000 & 1001

  • Polyethylene construction & insulation
  • 5 gallon capacity
  • Bowl refills automatically, no moving parts
  • Outside Dimensions 14" x 30" / 2" insulation
  • Weight 16 pounds
  • Heater optional

Lilfount Pet Water Model 1000
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Lilfount Pet Water Model 1001 w/Heat
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Flat-Back Heated Bucket
20 Quart (5 gallon)
130 watts, 120 volts  

  • Weight: 5.5 lbs
  • 12.5" H x 14.5" W x 16.5" D
  • 6 ft power cord 

This flat back heated bucket has a capacity of 5 gallons (20 quarts), with a built-in thermostat and will keep water ice-free during below zero conditions. The heater is completely hidden within the walls of the plastic bucket. The "flat back" allows it to be conveniently hung in a stall.

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Metal Bucket Holder
Steel w/Baked Enamel Finish

  • Easily mounts to a wall, stall, or fence
  • Holds any 5--gallon bucket 
  • Bucket is securely held in place & lifts out easily

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Heated Plastic Pet Bowl
50 watts, 120 volts

  • 5 qt capacity
  • Special resilient plastic to prevent cracking
  • removeable heating element

The plastic bowl holds 1 1/4 gallons & is thermostatically controlled.  The heating element is detachable for summer storage.  A apecial resilient plastic is used that can flex slightly & prevent cracking in freezing temperature. 

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Automatic Pet Waterer

  • Double chamber pet waterer ensures your pet always has fresh water with the built in float valve.
  • Automatic float valve for constant water level
  • Easily adjust water depth
  • Easy hook-up to garden hose or lawn faucet
  • All brass float valve #766 for extremely long, durable life
  • Includes 3 ft of hose and garden hose connection
  • 5 quart capacity

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Franklin Pet or Small Animal Waterer


  • Automatic waterer- connects to garden hose & operates with float.
  • 19" long x 9" wide x 4" tall
  • Can anchor or stake to ground

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Kane Heat Mats & Pet Heat Mats
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  • Poly Pet Heat Mat provide the optimal climate for your animals with Kane's heat mats.
  • Made of durable, easy to clean polyethylene, Kane mats provide a safe and consistent heating surface.
  • Perfect for outdoor pens, kennels, garages, dog houses, whelping areas, veterinary clinics, and reptile habitats.
  • Warning: heat radiating appliance for animals - always use a temperature control device
  • Kane Rheostat or Thermostat Recommended


Kane 2' x 4' Single Cord  

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Kane 13 1/2" x 48" Single Cord 

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Kane 13 1/2" x 36" Single Cord  

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Kane 13 1/2" x 60" Single Cord 

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Kane Pet Heat Mat
18" x 18"

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Kane Pet Heat Mat
 18" x 28"

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Kane Rheostat 300 Watt

  •  Heat Mat Rheostat - 110 volt
  • 300 Watt
  • Dial-A-Temp plugs right into your outlet to provide a quick and easy way to regulate temperature. Perfect for kennels, garages and whelping areas.
  • Just plug your heat mat into the bottom of the control and create a warm, dry environment for your small animals.

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